Srikanth Rajagopalan

We have a Data Protection Law. Now what?

India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act is a landmark piece of legislation. India is a nation of 1.4 billion ........

Aug 24, 23 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Accelerating Lending to MSMEs: Harnessing Bank Statements and GST Data through Anumati

We are delighted to announce that the GSTN has officially joined the Account Aggregator network as a FIP. MSMEs c ........

Aug 03, 23 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Light the spark with Anumati Imagine an all too real scenario at your mid-to-large size financial institution

Lending is all about risk management You’ve been in business for years or decades and honed your underwriting and ........

Jun 15, 23 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

How Account Aggregators and Generative AI Can Transform Financial Advisory Services

The financial advisory industry is ripe for disruption. Traditional financial advisors are expensive and often inac ........

Jun 08, 23 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Anumati, Open Data, and AI: The Future of Mass Customization in Financial Services

One app, many faces Think of the Amazon app. Look at the “home screen” of the app on your phone and that of you ........

Jun 01, 23 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Unlocking the Power of Data: How Anumati Simplifies Financial Interactions and Boosts Efficiency

Every new technology allows us to do more with less Mobile phones allowed us to talk more and travel less. E-commer ........

May 26, 23 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

ANUMATI: Much more than bank statements

Over the past few years, adoption of digital apps for entertainment, communication, commerce, and payments has expl ........

May 19, 23 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Anumati: Delivering Measurable Business Impact. Today

If you’re a financial institution serving retail or SME customers, you’ve probably seen and heard a lot of buzz ........

May 11, 23 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

So, You Think You Know Your Customer?

What does it take to know your customer? No, really, beyond the mandatory KYC checks, what does a financial institu ........

May 05, 23 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Building India’s digital infrastructure

What do most people understand when they hear the word “infrastructure”? Ports, airports, roads, railways, powe ........

Apr 27, 23 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Account Aggregators: Busting A Few Myths For Financial Institutions

The Account Aggregator ecosystem is an interoperable network of Financial Information Providers (FIPs), Financial ........

Apr 21, 23 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Your Mobile Number – Yours And Only Yours

Every right comes with a responsibility. Your right to privacy comes with a responsibility to ask yourself: “Shou ........

Apr 13, 23 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

A Billion Accounts are now on AA. Now what?

Thanks to a concerted effort across the Finance Ministry, RBI, and banks, all major PSU and private sector banks ar ........

Aug 08, 22 < 1 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Anumati – India’s Fastest Growing Account Aggregator Network

Already has the largest number of banks on its platform, PSU banks joining steadily  With the launch of the Ac ........

Jul 20, 22 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Introduction to Anumati – Your Account Aggregator Licensed By RBI

Anumati by Perfios AA is an RBI licensed Account Aggregator that helps you track, aggregate your data held with var ........

Jul 15, 22 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

What are my rights?

First, let’s understand the concept of “ownership” and “sharing” a little better. Let’s start by classi ........

Jul 10, 22 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Whose data is it anyway?

We Indians spend a lot of time on our smartphones. A study in 2021 revealed that an average Indian spends almost 5 ........

Jul 05, 22 3 minute read

Aiyappa KC

Top 5 things you didn’t know were integral to the personal data privacy bill

On August 24, 2017, the Supreme Court of India declared privacy to be a fundamental right. A nine-judge bench in Ju ........

Jun 27, 22 3 minute read

Aiyappa KC

10 things you should do to avoid data privacy violations

Finally, you’ve found that phone you always wanted. It looks tempting, but you haven’t heard of the website bef ........

Jun 20, 22 4 minute read

Sabyasachi Goswami

Getting the best out of account aggregation

As we wrote earlier, Account Aggregation is poised to become the UPI of data by providing a scalable,&nbs ........

Jun 22, 21 5 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

The UPI of data is coming. Are you ready?

Everything you need to know about RBI’s Account Aggregator framework  The Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem ........

Jun 22, 21 6 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Account aggregators in India — an introduction

THE PROBLEM  Most new borrowers have no credit history or collateral to offer. Lenders need to assess alternat ........

Jun 16, 21 3 minute read