Step 1. Register

Registering for account aggregation with Anumati is simple. Use the mobile number you’ve registered with your bank and set a 4-digit PIN. We will verify your mobile number with an OTP, and after that, set [Your mobile number]@anumati as your AA handle.

We believe [Your mobile number]@anumati is simple and easy to remember, though you can select your own [username]@anumati at this step. You won’t be able to change your AA handle once you approve a data sharing request or Consent from any financial institution

Step 2. Discover and add your bank accounts

Next, Anumati automatically searches for savings, current, and fixed deposit accounts in participating banks linked to your registered mobile number. Once Anumati discovers your accounts, you can select the ones you want to link to your AA account. If you wish, you can manually add your accounts from the participating financial institutions as well. There are no limits to how many accounts you can link. You can unlink accounts at any time from Anumati.

Step 3. Approve and manage consent for data sharing

While approving the consent request, select the specific bank account(s) from which you want to share financial data. If you’ve added more than one account in Anumati (in Step 2), you can select which of these account(s) you would like to share data from.

Once you give consent, Anumati will contact your bank to fetch the required data and pass it on to the requesting lender securely in an encrypted format. Under RBI regulations, Anumati cannot access, much less store your data. We merely execute consented data transfer. Simply put, we fetch and pass information in a secure manner with your explicit consent.


Financial Information Provider: Bank, NBFC, AMC, depository, depository participant, insurance company, insurance repository, pension fund

Financial Information User: An entity registered with and regulated by any financial sector regulator

Account Aggregator

FSR – Financial Sector Regulator; RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, PFRDA

Central Registry: A centrally hosted (under one of the FSRs) repository of Key/Certificate of FIU, FIP & AAs

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