Introduction to Anumati – Your Account Aggregator Licensed By RBI

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Updated on Jul 15, 2022

Anumati by Perfios AA is an RBI licensed Account Aggregator that helps you track, aggregate your data held with various financial institutions, and then choose whom to share that data with. All in a highly secure system audited by the RBI for safety and security. What’s more, Anu never sees your data, which means that only you see and share your data at your complete discretion. 

Here’s how Anu can help in real life. Imagine you’re applying for a loan for a special Diwali purchase. The lender asks you for six months of you bank statement in order to approve your loan. What options do you have? 

  1. If you’re applying online, first, you need to download that statement from your bank, remember its password, upload it on the lender’s website, re-enter the statement password, and hope that you have a stable internet connection throughout 
  2. If you’re not the self-service kind, you’d call a sales rep home, verify his identity, hand over the printed statement, and hope and pray that it won’t be photocopied needlessly and / or fall into the wrong hands. 
  3. OR, you could look for Anu, instantly link your bank account(s), and in three steps fetch and share data directly between your bank and the lender. All within seconds. Completely safe, secure, with no “man in the middle” or time wasted in downloading from one site only to upload at another. 

A little like how UPI has made life so easy for us, even for small 100-rupee payments to street vendors. 

Great! Tell me more about how Anu works! 

Anumati is a consent manager and account aggregator offered by Perfios Account Aggregation Services Pvt. Limited under the RBI license. Anumati offers a simple, easy-to-use interface which lists all your bank accounts and helps you choose whom you share your financial data with and monitors how the data is being fetched from time to time. You can modify/ renew/ revoke consent at any time (this may affect your relationship with the potential lender). Anumati can securely access your data and share it with approved banks. All of this is done secretly and away from prying eyes. No one, including Anumati, can read your data or use it for any other purpose. Your data is safe, secure and protected. 

How do I get started? 

Anumati has a simple, three-step process to start working for you: 

  1. Register –Enter the phone number you have registered with your bank and set a 4-digit secret PIN. Anu will immediately send an OTP to verify the mobile number. On verification, your account will be activated with [Your mobile number]@anumati as your handle. 
  2. Find and add bank accounts – Anumati searches for and finds all banking accounts attached to your mobile number. Simply select the accounts you want to link to your account aggregator (AA). Should you wish to add other accounts, you can do so manually from the participating banks and financial institutions. You can add an unlimited number of accounts. 
  3. Manage consent – When you apply for a loan, the lender’s website will ask you to share your financial data via various methods, including Anumati. Approve doing this via Anumati. 

That’s it. That’s all. You’re all set up! 

Where does it work? 
Anumati has a total of 15 banks, inclusive of Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank along with a host of non-banking financial institutions like Bajaj, IIFL etc. Here’s the comprehensive list: 


Financial Information Providers (FIPs)  Financial Information Users (FIUs) 
  1. Axis Bank 
  2. HDFC Bank 
  3. ICICI Bank 
  4. IndusInd Bank 
  5. Bajaj Finserv 
  6. Federal Bank 
  7. Karur Vysya Bank 


  1. Axis Bank 
  2. HDFC Bank 
  3. ICICI Bank 
  4. IndusInd Bank 
  5. Bajaj 
  6. Federal Bank 
  7. Karur Vysya Bank 
  8. Lendingkart 
  9. DMI Finance 
  10. Epifi 
  11. Goalteller 
  12. IIFL Finance 
  13. Kotak Mahindra 
  14. Kairos Capital 
  15. NeoGrowth 



Where does it not work? 

As listed above, Anumati works with most leading banks and financial institutions. However, we are constantly reaching out to other entities and working on onboarding them as partners. One such institution is the State Bank of India. We are in talks with SBI, and hopefully will soon welcome them into our network. Over a period of time, we also plan to add securities companies. This is in the pipeline and will be activated in due course.  


Author Name: Srikanth Rajagopalan

Designation: CEO, Perfios Account Aggregation Services Pvt. Ltd.

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